It’s Tuesday. I actually think Tuesday is worse than Monday with the exception of this Tuesday due to the change of events that occurred this morning that I am beyond thrilled to share. My absolute favorite pants in the world is by the designer Alvin Valley. I don’t joke around about fit so when I say “this,” I truly mean it….his pant fit makes you look Aside from me glorifying and going back to my topic: “the change of events that occurred this morning,” is I received a friends and family promo code for Alvin Valley, which occurs as often as a snow in Sydney. Immediately, I went online to buy my favs:111, 189, 310 & a new style, The Bailey in blue, added to cart, entered promo code, ERROR. Prices did not reduce. Assuming the mistake was mine, I went back re-did the order entry process, re-entered the promo code in ALL CAPS and no dice. Still thinking it’s me, I went all the way to check out and review my order and, ALAS, the promo code did not affect the prices: it wasn’t me!?! Helplessly, I went back to the homepage to discover a bold help button at the top of their e-commerce page, which gave a 800 number that I immediately called. Caitlyn, like real-life answering in this country in real time (what?!?!), picked up my call politely, asked mindful questions and keeping me updated consistently: within three minutes flat she apologetically asked me to re-try the code and it worked. I don’t know what blows me most away: Alvin Valley’s superior customer service or the real lack of true customer service there is today, but I will end by saying that this Tuesday is better then my Monday OR BEST YET: this Tuesday is better then any Monday so far in 2013. Thank you, Caitlyn and Alvin Valley! Now enraptured by my change of events, check out “The style that earned Alvin the moniker ‘Lord of the Pants,’ the 111” here:111 Extra-Wide Waistband OR this: Alvin Valley’s video on the 111 If curious like a cat and in 1 minute and so, learn here: “All about Alvin Valley” P.S. MAY1





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