For my “*next life,” I’d like to be Richard Mille please πŸ™

Wanna watch or a mortgage?? I guess would be the question to the >1% of the world. Recently I was flipping through THE DEPARTURES magazine (CLEARLY at my uptown dentist’s office; which I can say now although it wasn’t until I told this story to my mom who explained to me that THE DEPARTURES magazine is an American Express advertisement mailer – still well-done!) and came across the most expensive consumer branded product in my life. “This” was and is Richard Mille’s RM025 ‘tourbillion’-(not a real word) chronograph driver…aka a $675,000.00 watch.REPEAT: six hundred seventy-five thousand dollars. Spelling out “$675,000.00” is over the tweet character count maximum. I guess I just do not get spending that amount of $$$$$$ on a watch (as my red Swatch displays date AND DAY-boooyaa). Respect lest to say is all I can feel/know for #RichardMille. Oh, and sorry #RichardBranson you’ve been ‘Richard’ replaced, FRIENDS?!
(*Subject to change. Daily probably.)

Check out THE DEPARTURES magazine pic/blurb (photo proof)
20130522-010445.jpg pics of watch


RichardMille’s PDF (of course?!)
RichardMille Apple App Link (why not?)

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